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Akeem D. Brown and Garrett C. Holt met in high school art class in York South Carolina. After a fateful trip to a toy store, the two realized that in addition to sharing a penchant for collecting action figures, they enjoyed any opportunity that allowed them to create. In the year following graduation, the seed for the Forsaken Realm saga was born, ​and they spent many years developing the epic story arc.

Forsaken Realm is truly a family affair, with Akeem's wife Nicole handling marketing and developmental duties, and Garrett's wife CeCe serving as principal editor and official sounding board for the story itself.

Akeem lives in Parsippany, New Jersey with his wife Nicole and daughter Lauren.

Garrett lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife CeCe and sons Xavier and Brodie.


They are all currently living happily ever after.

"So, you wanna go look at action figures at Toys 'R Us?"

Garrett Holt and Akeem Brown

The Creators of Forsaken Realm

Left to Right: Akeem and Nicole Brown,

Carola ("CeCe") and Garrett Holt

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